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The Benefits

Easy Compliance Printing

  • Blister card format greatly improves compliance versus bottles
  • Patients can identify if they have missed a dose - no pill counting
  • Increased compliance yields to more effective results of medication
  • Increased compliance yields greater sales for pharmaceutical company.
  • Push through dose indicator reduces incorrect dosing
  • Elongated tear strips allow multiple product dispensing with increased accuracy

Low Cost Manufacturing

  • Single Component (No Outer Box, Tape, etc.)
  • Ships Flat (No Air)
  • Small format size allows for more units per sheet
  • Precise and high quality manufacturing - Lower defect ratio

Ease of Manufacturing

  • Lightweight Material
  • Low Temperature Sealing
  • No secondary components
  • Works on all equipment
  • Can be Automated

Highest CR/SF Rating

  • Highest rating possible with no failures (Children or Seniors)

Wide Range of Formats and Sizes

  • Not locked into one format size
  • Suitable for Packaging 1-200 doses
  • Supports Thermoform and Coldform
For the Children: A heat seal blister card that has passed Protocol testing at 100% - zero opens for 10 minutes / 50 Children. F=1 Rating.
For the Patient: Protocol testing, 100 seniors, 100 opens = 100% effective. Simple, familiar, traditional styling and use.
For the Contract Packager/
Fast sealing, single component, no assembly.
For the Pharmaceutical Company: Flexible design, compliance dosing, user friendly, cost effective.