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3CPAKTM and Key-Pak®

Both 3CPAKTM and Key-Pak® unit dose packages are based on the same patented technologies. The Difference between the two is in the markets they serve:

  • Key-Pak® - Clinical Trials, small to medium production runs. Designed and manufactured by Keystone Folding Box Company of Newark New Jersey

  • 3CPakTM- Large Pharmaceutical companies and mass market, medium to large production runs. Designed and Manufactured by Colonial Carton Company, Inc of Clayton, North Carolina
For the Children: A heat seal blister card that has passed Protocol testing at 100% - zero opens for 10 minutes / 50 Children. F=1 Rating.
For the Patient: Protocol testing, 100 seniors, 100 opens = 100% effective. Simple, familiar, traditional styling and use.
For the Contract Packager/
Fast sealing, single component, no assembly.
For the Pharmaceutical Company: Flexible design, compliance dosing, user friendly, cost effective.


The ideal packaging solution for Mass Market, Medium to Large Production Runs, Clinical Trials, Compliance Dosing, Physician’s Samples and Retail.
  • Each individual blister is child resistant and senior friendly.
  • Package re-closing is not necessary to maintain the child resistant features.
  • Each product is a simple and traditional fold-over style heat seal blister card.
  • Each do not require labels, cartons or plastic components to become child resistant.
  • One component allows for a reduction of specifications, inspections, assembly, graphics, engineering design, and tooling.
  • Each product are compatible with either thermoformed or cold formed blisters and can be designed for most dosing regimens.
  • Senior friendly assures that a high percentage of patients can successfully access medications and comply with dosing requirements.
  • Patients have less chance of dosing errors using the Push-Through-Pull-Tab-Indicator.
  • Each product has a unique design for clean and easy removal of rear blister card panels allowing for damage free dispensing of brittle capsules, soft-gels, or over-encapsulated products.
  • Large format blister cards are possible in many configurations without loss of child resistance or senior effectiveness.
  • Simple design and manufacturing procedures permit rapid response to your critical delivery requirements. Ten point (.010) heat seal board allows for shorter sealing time, fewer production defects and minimal exposure of product to heat.